Acting responsibly is our top priority at MIAVIT. "Prevention instead of medication", as said by our company founder Dr. Hans W. Niemeyer, is our moto. 
In line with this guiding principle, we have continuously worked towards sustainable and economical feed supply in partnership with our customers for over 50 years. The feed additives (including vitamins and trace elements) we incorporate into our products are intended to improve animal health. In addition, an important contribution is made via the reduction of antibiotic use in the livestock industry. Through our work, we contribute to a healthy diet and a sustainable improvement in the quality of life.



Continuous improvement

Sustainable action is a principle which is firmly anchored in the company ethos. MIAVIT, as a family-owned company, is fully orientated towards performing in an ecologically, as well as entrepreneurially sustainable way, in order to maintain success in the long term. Internal as well as external measures ensure that we, as a company, meet social, as well as ecological, expectations.



Constant improvement with regard to the environment is a defined goal of MIAVIT. With the help of our energy management system, which has been ISO 50 001 certified since 2015, employees are continuously trained in the efficient use of energy and in environmental awareness. We are constantly investing in our facilities so that we can manufacture our products in an energy efficient and resource-saving manner via the application of the latest and most innovative technology. In recent years, we have been able to demonstrate energy savings every year through the implementation of a wide range of measures.

Employees Responsibility

Our employees represent the most valuable asset within the company. For this reason, we actively promote the compatibility of family and career. Our goal is to retain a stable team of permanent employees by maintaining our historically low staff fluctuation rate. In production in particular, our focus is on a permanent employment relationship with appropriate remuneration. We see ourselves as a global group in which people from over 12 nations work. Diversity, respect and versatility are important aspects that are actively integrated into our corporate culture.

In addition to the goal of employee retention, we also pay special attention to training. As a training company, we currently offer 11 different apprenticeships. It is important to us that we attract young and talented employees to our company. Due to our commitment to training, our home economics graduates have already been awarded prizes in regional and state competitions.

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Regional responsibility

As a municipal and regional employer, we identify firmly with the South Oldenburg region. As an owner-managed company, it is important to MIAVIT to continue the success of the business through investment and growth and to create jobs locally. This essentially includes the expansion of the headquarters in Essen Oldenburg, from which the global subsidiaries are managed.

Social responsibility

In addition to its corporate responsibility, MIAVIT also accepts its social responsibility. Since 1992, MIAVIT has been supporting the basketball club RASTA Vechta, thus promoting sporting events and youth work.

The promotion of young players is an important aspect of strengthening team sports in the region.

In addition to the sporting aspect, MIAVIT is also works closely with various universities. This includes, for example, the supervision of theses ranging from bachelor's to doctoral degrees in the field of agribusiness. Furthermore, we support other projects that do important work within our society.

In addition, we are also committed to acting ethically within our supply chain. Since 2015 we have been a member of SEDEX. Our involvement in this program ensures that we strive for continuous improvement and generates transparency in relation to workers' rights, the environment and business ethics.

Safeguarding values and standards

In a world of constant change, it is important for us to stand up for MIAVIT's values and standards. Below you can download MIAVIT's Code of Conduct.

Download Code of Conduct