Organic and inorganic acids in powder form

Feed, Stomach, Gut

MiaAcid-products are highly efficient and cover a broad range of purposes in feed hygiene and gut health. Each product is designed to deliver the highest possible concentration of acids and focuses on a specific application. The products are suitable to be used in premixtures, feed mills or on farm side. Depending on your challenge, you will find the right solution within the MiaAcid product portfolio.

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Quality in liquids – the MIAVIT way

Quality in liquids is a nuanced outcome by partly influenceable factors like raw materials and recipe formulation, alongside controllable elements such as technology and storage conditions.

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Let´s improve aquaculture feed protection!

Aquaculture is a rapidly developing sector in recent years. For humans, one of the most important sources of protein is fish and other products from aquaculture such as crustaceans and mollusks.

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Selected botanicals improving FCR

In the dynamic landscape of animal husbandry, optimizing feed efficiency constitutes a critical endeavor for producers aiming to ensure the economic viability and sustainability of their operations.

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Family Stories

Take a look behind the scenes of the MIAVIT family.

In this episode, Gintaras Grigisas-Elberfeld tells us his MIAVIT Holding story

Have fun!

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To improve the efficient use of resources

Decreasing food waste

Decreasing food waste is critical to protecting the environment. Conserving food materials and finding other ways to use the meat co-products that many consumers do not eat is a vital part of combatting the food waste problem.

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Safe, protected, targeted

Selenium supplementation

Did you know that a high percentage of inorganic sodium selenite is reduced to non-absorbable elementary selenium by the rumen microbiota? This can easily cause a selenium deficiency and lead to a higher incidence of infectious diseases, reduced fertility and performance as selenium is critical for immunity and nutrient metabolism.

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Stephan Athmann is handing over his position as Head of Sales Central Europe

Essen (Oldb.)

Stephan Athmann is handing over his position as Head of Sales Central Europe for the Sales Division Feed at MIAVIT GmbH to his long-term colleague Christian Lampe. From the 30th of September, Stephan Athmann will focus on the Special Account Management area together with his colleague Thomas Heile.

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Boost your Matrix

Evaluate your feed formulation

Evaluating your feed formulation is always a good option in order to identify opportunities for incorporating enzymes and emulsifiers to improve nutrient digestibility and energy availability.

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Meet us at CIPORC

International pig farming congress

5.-7. July 2023 at the Lima Convention Centre, Peru. Visit us at stand 08.

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Are your premixes ready for summer time?!

Some regions in the world have always been very hot during the summer.

But nowadays due to climate change, hot periods occur more unexpectedly and more intensively in many places. This brings several challenges and among others also problems in animal production, as some species react very sensitive to heat stress.

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MIAVIT GmbH is expanding its storage capacities for the own needs.

For this MIAVIT is purchasing the premises of the compound feed manufacturer Fleming + Wendeln GmbH & Co. KG in Sandloh (a district of Essen (Oldb.)).

"Our storage capacities are currently running short and a short-term construction is not a solution, that is why we decided to buy a hall", says the current managing director Lukas Middendorf.

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