At MIAVIT we offer the most adapted solutions to our customers. In this direction, we have a series of personalized services, going from toll manufacturing, customization, laboratory analytics, to of course nutritional advice of our experts.

For many years, MIAVIT has been market leader for private label powder and liquid products.

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At MIAVIT we ensure to satisfy the needs of our clients and their livestock.

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Information is power, and it is totally true. To make the right decision, obtaining adequate information beforehand is absolutely necessary.

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The key to success are our in-house animal experts for poultry, pigs and ruminants supporting our customers in all nutritional aspects from Essen and around the world.

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Let's talk about mixtures!

At MIAVIT we not only produce premixes and supplements for the animal nutrition and food industries, we also offer a range of services and know-how. Interested?

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