MiaTrace Se

More selenium for sure

The trace element selenium plays an essential role in the immune defense system of animals as it serves as a central building element for more than 20 enzymes which are involved in the degradation of free radicals. Thus, a deficiency in selenium can lead to an increased susceptibility for diseases, impaired fertility and performance depressions. The rumen microbiota reduces a high percentage of inorganic sodium selenite to non-absorbable elementary selenium which increases the risk for deficiency.

  • Benefit: a targeted and safe selenium supply for ruminants
  • Benefit: a lower risk for selenium deficiency
  • Benefit: an assurance for health, fertility and performance
  • Packaging-Info: 20kg bag
MiaTrace Se guarantees a high level of safety with regard to the selenium supplementation of ruminants. The selenium particles reach the targeted site of absorption unaffected thanks to a reliable protective capsule. Hence, MiaTrace Se ensures a safe and efficient supply of selenium for ruminants.

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