Optimized must-have for diarrheic young ruminants

Newborn diarrhea is still the most common problem in the first weeks of life. Animals suffering with this problem have a high risk of never reaching their full potential. To minimize the negative effects of diarrheic symptoms a quick and efficient support is essential. The focus here is primarily on the supply of electrolytes, energy and buffer substances. Furthermore, the enormous water loss during diarrhea symptoms must be counteracted.

  • Balanced ratio of electrolytes and rehydrative ingredients
  • Practical application guarantees fast support
  • Quick recovery after diarrhea problems is promoted
  • Product can easily be used in milk
  • Packaging-Info: 960 ml application bottle
MiaQlyte is a liquid complementary feed for individual support of young ruminants showing diarrhea symptoms. Due to its well-thought composition typical challenges of diarrheic animals are faced. Additionally, the smart product composition is suitable for in milk application as the normal milk digestion will not be influenced by MiaQlyte. That continuous the energy supply via milk and supports affected calves even more. The practical application bottle makes the administration of MiaQlyte quick and safe.

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