MiaPower 100

As a result, they mobilise body fat, which leads to reduced milk production, a higher risk of liver damage and low fertility rates.
To address this negative energy balance, Miavit has developed MiaPower 100 as a tasty liquid energy feed that contains a high proportion of propylene glycol, isomaltulose and glycerol in an ideal ratio to achieve maximum palatability. In addition, MiaPower 100 provides a liver protection complex with niacin and choline chloride.

  • Benefit: enhanced milk production
  • Benefit: higher feed intake
  • Benefit: lower risk for metabolic disorders
  • Benefit: support of reproduction
  • Benefit: reduced impact of heat stress
  • Packaging-Info: 1l bottle
  • Packaging-Info: 5l canister
  • Packaging-Info: 25l canister
But it is not only freshly calved dairy cows that can be affected by a negative energy balance. MiaPower can also be fed to all ruminants when they are recovering from an illness, to reduce the effects of heat stress or simply to upgrade poor quality feed. Mixed into the feed or given as a top dressing, voluntary intake is guaranteed!

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