Targeted support of fresh-calved dairy cows

The imbalance between nutrient intake around calving and its needs held a large risk for problems during this time. Up to every tenth dairy cow shows clinical problems during the lactation start. Subclinically, often more of the herds half is suffering from typical fresh-cow problems. Fast und targeted support during this time will not only improve animal welfare, it will also support economic performance of the farms.

  • Benefit: Facing typical complications of dairy cows after calving
  • Benefit: Well-thought composition improves fresh-calved support
  • Benefit: Fast and quick application for individual care
  • Packaging-Info: 500 ml drench bottle
MiaKetoCal is a liquid complementary feed for individual support of dairy cows after calving. Due to its well-thought composition typical fresh-calved problems are faced: Highly bioavailable calcium supports animals suffering with hypocalcaemia and Propylenglycol supports during times of ketosis risk. Additionally, selected minerals help to support the fresh-calved cows’ metabolism.

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