MiaFirstAid P

Rapid support for the digestive system

Diarrhea causes heavy losses of fluids and electrolytes and excessive dehydration can be life-threatening for young animals. Even if calves survive the consequences of diarrhea-related dehydration, their subsequent performance remains lower.

  • Rapid regulation of digestive disorders
  • Restoration of electrolyte balance
  • Animals retain a healthy appetite
  • Good acceptance, easy metering, no separation in the bucket
  • Packaging-Info: 100 g sachet
  • Packaging-Info: 2 kg bucket
MiaFirstAid P is a watersoluble dietary complementary feed supplement for calves to stabilise the physiological digestion, fluid retention and electrolyte metabolism. The tannins and other special, indigestible plant fibers counteract digestive disorders. The watersoluble formulation dissolves rapidly in water and milk and is well accepted for voluntary consumption.

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