MiaCowStart P

The post-calving energy drink for cows

An optimal start to lactation is decisive for the performance and fitness of dairy cows and all ruminants. Cows lose large volumes of fluids and electrolytes during calving, leaving empty space within their bodies, which in turn causes an increased risk of abomasum displacement. Rapid intake of water and food after calving is the solution for ensuring an optimal start to lactation.

  • Increased water intake after calving
  • Faster placenta expulsion
  • Increased milk production
  • Packaging-Info: 1 kg sachet
MiaCowStart P is a highly palatable post-calving watersoluble feed supplement for cows that promotes an optimal, problem-free start to lactation. Selected flavourings support a rapid and increased intake of water thus replenishment of the energy and electrolyte reserves. The watersoluble formulation dissolves rapidly in water and is well accepted for voluntary consumption.

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