MiaBond BP

Bind & Protect

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by moulds. They are able to contaminate plants in the field (field fungi) and can occur post-harvest due to insufficient preservation and poor storage conditions (storage fungi).
Even in small amounts, mycotoxin contamination can weaken the immune system and promote infectious diseases.

  • Benefit: Highest efficacy in aflatoxin management (feed safety)
  • Benefit: Binding of endotoxins
  • Benefit: Protection of livestock performance
  • Benefit: Supports the defence mechansim of the immune system
  • Packaging-Info: 20 kg bag
MiaBond BP is a specific combination of the bentonite basedmycotoxin binder and a mixture of 100 % natural antioxidants. AdsorptionCell Protection

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