Exciting topics explained simply.

Our MIAVIT experts give you an insight into the world of (myco)toxins and how to get them under control. Watch the first episode now with our Technical Expert Corinna Ingmanns about the impact of endotoxins on rumen health.

Watch here!

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Eid Mubarak! 

MIAVIT wishes a happy sugar feast.

MIAVIT wishes you and your family a wonderful and happy sugar feast!

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Episode 1

Take a look behind the scenes of MIAVIT product development.

From the idea to the finished goods.

Get to know the clever minds behind MIAVIT.
Accompany the product purchasing team, the product managers and the technical service in their daily work.

Have fun with episode 1.

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Happy Easter!

MIAVIT wishes you a Happy Easter 2022.

MIAVIT wishes you and your family pleasant and restful Easter and some days full of happiness!

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MIAVIT wishes you a Happy Ramadan 2022.

MIAVIT wishes a good, pleasant and blessed Ramadan 2022 to all of you, who observe this time. May this holy month of Ramadan be filled with happiness and joy.

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Vaccination failure due to mycotoxins?

By Dr Marlene Luttmann, MIAVIT GmbH

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has increased so strongly that measures to combat the phenomenon have become urgently necessary. One effective option is to use vaccines for our farm animals. But why do breakthrough cases occur again and again in this context?

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MIAVIT colleagues visited our partner Sarl Biolab


Our MIAVIT colleagues visited our partner Sarl Biolab in Algeria last week. On Sunday, our colleagues Elyes Allagui, Poultry and Ruminant Nutritionist, and Amine Chemli, Account Manager Middle East and North Africa, gave a seminar on our products Livervital and MiaPhos.

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MIAVIT company premises

Essen (Oldb.) – Germany

Watch our new FlyOver Video about our company premises in Essen (Oldb.) – Germany.

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Overview of the year 2022

After an exciting year 2021, we are now looking forward to the new year 2022.

We at MIAVIT are looking forward to an exciting and challenging year 2022, which comes over with changes, but also with innovative solutions, especially in the field of animal nutrition.

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Merry Christmas

and a happy new year!

When everything is beautifully decorated for Christmas, it is time for us to send our Christmas greetings...

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Key facts about zinc

Zinc in a nutshell

Zinc is an essential trace element in animal feed and therefore worth taking a closer look to its’ special characteristics: The many functions of zinc indicate the importance of a needs-based care for the health, fertility and performance of animals. Eyes, bones, liver and hair are especially rich in zinc.

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There is no need to overzinc

Zinc in poultry

Zinc is a trace element indispensable for poultry. It plays an important role in many metabolic processes and helps in the development of skin, feathers, eggshell and bones. It is essential for growth as well as reproduction and forms part of some antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase.

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