360-degree protection

At least 25% of food crops globally are contaminated by different mycotoxins.

Among all existing mycotoxins, few of them are the high risk for Livestock industry:

  • Aflatoxin (AFL)
  • Ochratoxin (OTA)
  • Zearalenon (ZEN)
  • Fumonisin (FUM)
  • Trichothecene (Deoxynivalenol (DON), T2)

Global warming and the synergic effect of different mycotoxins (Eg. DON + FUM) can increase the risk. Also, they could negatively affect animal performance, production and welfare. Neglecting mycotoxin challenge will cause serious economic loss.

Mycotoxins are tasteless and not easy to detect due to several factors such as wrong sampling, mask mycotoxins, etc. Therefore, 360-degree protection against mycotoxins is Vital. MIAVIT GmbH as the leader of Feed and Food manufacturer industry have been supporting Livestock by its specific mycotoxin binder’s products; MiaBond line globally. MiaBond 360 as the nominee among MiaBond line products, can protect your Livestock against important mycotoxins and endotoxin challenges; All round protection. MiaBond 360 can efficiently adsorb polar mycotoxins (eg. Afl) and can bio transform Trichothecenes mycotoxins plus FUM as well. Furthermore, this product can reduce the antioxidative challenge caused by mycotoxins to the least.

MIAVIT is not only a support by its high quality, specific product but also a system which could support you from field to fork; MiaBond detector service. We believe that mycotoxin deactivation strategy is successful when the mycotoxin contamination level is precisely measured.

By MiaBond detector service you will have 360-degree protection by:

  • Receiving the complete package included the highly efficient instrument and strips for testing different mentioned mycotoxins in feed raw materials
  • Support, to run and continue precise testing at your side
  • Support, for different administration strategy of MiaBond line products based on your achieved contamination results
  • Support, during the whole farming period by MIAVIT team

MiaBond Detector is easy to use, fast and precise in detection if correct sampling is considered. Our detector is a combined incubator and reader which makes it user friendly. The result can be printed or downloaded for sharing. We are here to support you by MiaBond Detector Service.

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